Jaid Black: The Queen of Steam

Trek Mi Q'an - serial

The warriors of Trek Mi Q’an are huge, fierce and dangerous. Over seven feet tall and heavily muscled, they will stop at nothing to claim their women, the one female alive who can biologically complete each male. Look out earth women! You never know when you’re being hunted... 

At least not until it’s too late.






Please note that although Seized is titled book 1.5 in the series it should be read AFTER Dementia.

Reading Order:

  1. The Empress' New Clothes
  2. No Mercy
  3. Enslaved
  4. No Escape
  5. "Naughty Nancy" (in Strictly Taboo)
  6. No Fear
  7. Dementia
  8. Seized
  9. Devilish Dot
  10. Never A Slave

Black on Black

Ellora's Cave

All Hail The Queen

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Kifa Slave Anyone?

Works In Progress

  • No Way Out: Dari
  • No Way Out: Jana
  • No Way Out: Kari

Q & A

Q: Why is Seized labeled book 1.5 if it's supposed to be read after Dementia?

A: It was a publishing error. Once a book is published it cannot be renamed.

Q: Why have you taken so long to write the next Trek story?

A: In a few words from Jaid, "Bad health coupled with performance anxiety. It's the written equivalent of impotency on top of already feeling like hell!"

Q: When will the next Trek story be published?

A: I don't know. Please see my blog.